How To Become TOP RATED on UPWORK As An Agency – How We Did IT!

August 2021 Mellivora Software team has become a Top Rated Upwork Agency! Yay!

And whilst we have not attempted to get that top rated status on Upwork on purpose, we have learned how to become top rated on Upwork as an Agency by experience. Today we are willing to share this experience with our partners, clients and fellow I.T service providers, who might be struggling with their growth on Upwork and might do with some freelancer advice.

Let us start from the very beginning.

Basically, on Upwork, there are 4 special badges as of August 2021:

  1. Rising Talent
  2. Top Rated
  3. Top Rated Plus
  4. Expert-Vetted

Today, we will focus specifically on how to become Top Rated on Upwork as an Agency and get that Top Rated badge on your profile – and the profiles of your team members!

How did it all start?

In August 2021 we got an email from Upwork named “Stand out to clients with Top Rated status”. We nearly missed this one, because our strategy had never been focused on Upwork solely.

We had only started working on Upwork earlier that year and we did not really pay attention to Upwork Top Rated badges. Thus, we did not expect any encouraging results that early on in our Upwork career. All we did was work diligently, ensure that our profiles are complete, and that our feedback and reputation on Upwork are good.

And this was the result:

It turned out, these were the precise requirements:

It was truly helpful for Upwork to include our current progress on each of the requirements, because as soon as we realized that we are close to hitting the new milestone and become Top Rated on Upwork, we became truly inspired, and delivered even better results for our current clients.

As a result of our commitment, only a week later we received another email, which got us really excited: “Your Agency is Top Rated!

And it covered all the perks Top Rated Agencies on Upwork have:

As you might have noticed, getting a Top Rated badge on Upwork is not that hard. Basically, what you need is:

  • have 2 or more active team members with fully complete profiles
  • have Agency success rate over 90%
  • be active (!) and earn more than 10K in the last 12 months

However, it is our strong belief that any outsourcing company should focus more on its clients and the quality of their service rather than hitting the Top Rated requirements. This way, you would most probably have everything in order, regardless of your status. And that is:

  • Your freelancer Upwork profile
  • Your Upwork agency profile
  • Your team members’ profiles
  • Your activity rate on Upwork
  • Your good relationships with clients
  • Your feedback and rating
  • Your earnings on Upwork!

This is, in short, how to get a Top Rated sticker on Upwork

The next milestone for our Mellivora Software team? Would be to get a Top Rated Plus badge on Upwork! 

Wish us luck! 

And if you need a hand with projects in any of these domains? We would be willing to help!

  • Natural Language Processing,
  • Data engineering / Big Data,
  • Cloud services / DevOps,
  • Machine Learning, and
  • Custom software development

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