Time Management Tool For An Eastern European Publishing House

May 14, 2020 by

Mellivora experts have been approached by an Eastern European publishing house to develop an accounting tool for calculating a customized salary for each employee, based on their performance, days off, sick days, vacations, part-time employment, late hours, etc. 

The Result

Brought into action, tested and verified accounting system with individual log-ins for employees and managers that calculates their customized salaries, based on the exact amount of working days, reduced business days, vacations, days off, etc. 

The Challenge

An Eastern European publishing house has had its own unique way of providing its employees days off, sick days, and special occasion “days off”, as well as ability to come in late and start a business day later than the overall working schedule. 

The Solution

The admin panel is built using Python3 on Django, which helps to quickly develop, support and control the REST services. The UI is built on the modern VueJS Quasar framework (https://quasar.dev/). 

Technology Stack

  • python 3
  • VueJS
  • Frameworks: Django, Quasar