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On May 18, 2019, Mellivora team attended one of the coolest IT events of the summer 2019: ITNonStop2019 held in Odessa, Ukraine. This time it had been dedicated to Machine Learning and Blockchain, and the program scheduling had been quite tight.

Machine Learning speakers & presentations:

    • “Modern AI. Case studies from finance and healthcare”. Igor Kaufman, DataArt
    • “Effective objects detection in CCTV video stream”. Denis Dechev, DataArt
    • “How to build serverless architecture using scikit-learn and AWS”. Lyudmila Dezhkina, DataArt
    • “Extracting insights from the textual data”. Oleksandr Krakovetskyi, DevPain
    • “From the academic research to the commercial application or the emergence of Machine Learning”, Andrii Latysh, The Product Engine
    • “Let AI plan your trip”, Oleksandra Kardash
    • “Probabilistic Programming: Advantages of Bayesian way of thinking”. Pavel Knorr, Logicify
    • “The specifics of the AI products development for Healthcare – technologies, processes, tools”. Ivan Kavalerov, Kheiron Medical

Blockchain speakers & presentations:

    • “What you should know about building blockchain systems”. Artem Frantsiian,
    • “When does business need Blockchain?” Maxim Zavgorodny, DataArt
    • “Blockchain: distributed protocol for the IoT solutions”. Roman Kravchenko,
    • “Decentralized Application Ecosystem”. Roman Hulenko, Lohika
    • “Blockchain Was Just The Beginning”. Pierre Chevalier, Maidsafe
    • “Overview of the Media Asset management / Digital Assets Management (MAM/DAM) application based on blockchain technology”. Alexander Shylo, DataArt
    • “Corda. The cheat sheet”. Nikita Sosnov, DataArt
    • “Blockchain: Trends in Legal Regulation”. Igor Markevich, Amigo Partners

Mellivora team had a great time sharing experience with the top professionals in Machine Learning / AI area (on the right – Olga Pogozheva, CEO Mellivora Software).

Check out our Machine Learning case studies, mostly related to eHealth area:

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