Mellivora Software is a Top B2B Company in Ukraine

At Mellivora Software, we help SME and Enterprise businesses build custom IT solutions for a bunch of specific industries.

Every year, Clutch releases a list of the top service providers according to geographic location and service line. We are excited to announce that Clutch has named Mellivora Software a top B2B company in Ukraine in the IT and business services category. It’s an honor to receive this recognition and be among the list of top international IT service providers.


Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. Their team of independent analysts conducts interviews with the past clients of service providers listed on their site. These verified reviews help ensure that all of Clutch’s ratings and rankings are fair and transparent.


“We are completely blown away by the news of being named a leader in the Clutch’s upcoming report on the top B2B companies in Ukraine. We can make no other answer but thank you… and thank you again!” – Olga Pogozheva, CEO


We are thankful for all of our wonderful clients, especially those who took the time to leave us a review on Clutch. Here’s what they had to say about working with us!


“Their team is better, faster, and cheaper. It’s hard to find the high level of talent and beat the quality that they have. They can deal with large-scale, petabyte-level data—they’re brilliant. Mellivora Software brings a lot to the table” – Chris Wolff, President & CEO, Content Analytics Company

This award and our perfect 5-star rating on Clutch would not be possible without all of you!



To learn more about us, read our reviews on Clutch, or contact us directly to get started on your next project today!

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