Why Dermal Diseases Recognition App?

The world is in a hustle. We are always on the go, frequently with no time to dedicate to either our lives or our well-being. As a rule, we all have sound reasons for this kind of neglect: our jobs, our business, private lives, home chores, kids and all imaginable activities a busy person could possible have.

Now, will you be willing to have the entire day lost because of your appointment at the doctor’s?

Well, in case you’ve got some serious disease, you will have to, love it or not. After all, your health is more important than your job. But what if you face with something less urgent but still annoying, like pimples? Or some weird spot on your skin that simply doesn’t look good, but otherwise doesn’t disturb you?

First, you might like to reckon that those pimples are nothing more than what they seem, just that - harmless pimples. In case they are not, and you have the preliminary diagnosis informing you the situation is more complicated, you would definitely like to attend your dermatologist immediately, rather than wait for the new symptoms to come and for the things to get worse.

Second, what would be really cool, is to have your treatment prescribed straight away. Some unctures do not require prescription, so the question is that you just have to know exactly what it is you need.

Imagine how faster things will become with a simple mobile app that unites both of these features!

Got something scratchy or spotty on your skin? Find out whether you should consult the doctor immediately or whether uncture or cream is everything you need at the moment to make your skin feel comfortable and look brilliantly by using Skinner app!

Skinner conducts the preliminary diagnosis for dermal disorders and provides recommendations regarding medical treatment. Skinner is also scalable into other therapy areas and is designed as the first among eHealth image recognition and recommendation systems for the outward appearances of other diseases.

Mellivora Software

Aims at creating a multi-field e-hospital system with its solutions fully available for the consumers sector worldwide.

Would you like to stay tuned on the updates?

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