Text to Codes Conversion | Deep Learning NLP Solution

The Result Created an API for ICD-10 codes prediction using ML models. The models are hosted on the Hugging Face platform. Created API that automates new data preparation and model retraining cycle.    The Challenge Task: Automate ICD-10 classification of pathologist medical reports. Solving text classification tasks using BERT Transformer […]

Time Management Tool For An Eastern European Publishing House

Mellivora experts have been approached by an Eastern European publishing house to develop an accounting tool for calculating a customized salary for each employee, based on their performance, days off, sick days, vacations, part-time employment, late hours, etc.  The Result Brought into action, tested and verified accounting system with individual […]

Big Data Aggregation And Standardization For eHealth Startup

The Result Delivered software that allowed the client to trace the cases of the drugs’ positive or negative (side) effects, thus helping them to provide healthcare insights, based on sentiment analysis and statistics methods. The client is now equipped with the software to predict financial markets’ indices of the pharmaceutics. […]

Database Repository Maintenance And Analytic Reports Creation For The US Lawyers Services

The Result A crafted workflow to support MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) reports. Further ongoing support, maintenance and modifying Oozie workflows and reports according to the changing industry’s and business requirements.   The Challenge A laboratory of forecasting algorithms processing has come up with a startup project on analytic reports creation […]

Configurable Data Extraction Solution for Numerous Languages and Domains

The Result The Mellivora’s NLP team has developed a configurable NLP solution for concept and named entity recognition from texts of different European languages which can be applied for multiple use cases aimed at semantic search, business domain knowledge modelling and analytics, virtual assistant, opinion mining, sentiment analysis. The Challenge […]