We are happy to provide you with our expert opinion on your project idea. To this end, we grant you with 2 hrs of free consultancy via your preferred method of communication to understand whether we meet your needs. If we are a fit for each other, we are happy to consult you on a prepaid packages basis. To learn more about how we can help you, please reach us at We reply within 12 hours!

Natural Language Processing


Whether you need to solve NER, POS, stemming, lemmatization, text classification or summarization issues, we are here to help you. Natural Language Processing being our core expertise, we are ready to give you a hand with any NLP -related tasks.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Mellivora Software’s in-house team of data scientists and machine learning engineers, based in Ukraine and Russia, is always ready to give you a hand with the most ambitious projects in almost any business domain.