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Mellivora Software at Tech Connect Live in Dublin: Bridging the Gap in Data Expertise

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, staying at the forefront of technology trends is crucial.

Mellivora Software, a EU-based outstaffing company specializing in data engineering, NLP/ML, and DevOps resources, understands this necessity all too well. This week, on September 14, 2023, Mellivora’s CEO, Olga Pogozheva, had the privilege of attending the prestigious IT conference, Tech Connect Live, held at the RDS Arena premises in Dublin. 

Tech Connect Live is Ireland’s largest annual business and technology exhibition for Micro, SME and Enterprise level companies. And a perfect place for Mellivora Software to showcase their resources of data experts and software engineers, along with establishing the fruitful connections with Irish SME owners and business experts.

Networking and Collaboration Potential

One of the highlights of visiting Tech Connect Live was the opportunity to network with Irish SME owners and outstanding business professionals. Mellivora Software, with its Eastern European roots and a strong European presence, recognizes the importance of collaboration across borders. 

Mellivora’s CEO, Olga Pogozheva, engaged in meaningful conversations that explored the possibilities of cooperation between European companies and Irish SMEs. The event served as a platform to identify synergies and potential partnerships that could drive innovation and growth for all parties involved.

Gleaning Insights from Industry Leaders

Tech Connect Live featured an array of speakers who shared invaluable insights on various aspects of the IT industry, including Data Transformation, IT & Data Solutions, and AI & Machine Learning. 

One notable speaker was Declan Foster, the founder of Martello Change Consulting. Mr. Foster provided a thought-provoking perspective on the future of the job market in the age of AI technologies. His insights shed light on the evolving landscape and the importance of adaptability and upskilling to thrive in the digital era.

Other speakers at the event delivered impressive presentations that deepened our understanding of emerging technologies and industry trends. The information garnered from these sessions has bolstered our commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring that Mellivora Software continues to provide top-tier data engineering, NLP/ML, and DevOps resources to the clients.

Embracing Collaboration Opportunities

Mellivora Software’s presence at Tech Connect Live underscores our dedication to facilitating collaboration and innovation in the IT industry. We are excited about the prospect of connecting with more Irish companies and are open to partnerships with all potential businesses. Our expertise in data engineering, NLP/ML, and DevOps positions us as a valuable resource for enterprises looking to leverage data-driven solutions for competitive advantage.

Our attendance at Tech Connect Live in Dublin solidifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, forging new collaborations, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. As we look to the future, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities for growth and innovation that lie ahead through continued engagement with the vibrant Irish business community and beyond.

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